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I’m on a bike and I can’t catch my breath

I can never catch my breath

I’m so tired

So, so tired.

The wheels keep turning and I know I can stop

But I don’t

How to quell the madness inside me

When my eyes only see what’s outside

The chaos of the world reflecting my own

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Let me dance in still water

Where rocks are overgrown with moss

Where my toes mingle with creatures that lurk within all

That is stagnant

My thoughts ripple into the corners of my mind I rarely visit

Remembering all the times my flaws seeped from my hands

Into the water that only moved to slip away

Let me dance, for I am sad

It is the only way I know how

To keep these still waters moving

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Most days play like a movie reel

Flashing like lightning, blinding

Spinning too quickly for a mind’s eye

The faster I spin, the less I need to see

There’s a friendly rhythm to it

To get lost into the grind

But I dread the days when I tire

When the floor gives way from under

As I fall, so does the world

Back in real time

All around me the whispers grow louder

And there’s nothing to do

But listen

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Your eyes beam when you look at mine

As if you’re seeing color for the first time

Your hands shake as you gently reach across

Craving just a touch of my skin

Your breathing stops when I get too close

The moment you’ve been waiting for

When the moment passes you will realize

I am neither light nor star

I am not your dreams personified

Beneath the layer of color chipping away

Will you scurry to the corner when you see

I’m grey

Will you still like what you see

When you find out I’m not as shiny as you thought

I’d be